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Menschengruppe lächelnd, © shutterstock (Rawpixel.com)
© shutterstock (Rawpixel.com)

Welcome to the Institute for Women’s and Men’s Health!

Here you find support and counseling in different languages addressing a broad range of issues related to physical, social and psychological health!

Here you find:

  • Counseling on a personal level, on the phone or by email
  • Courses and group activities for girls and women, boys and men
  • Workshops on different topics
  • Information lectures all around women’s and men’s health
  • A wide range of health projects on specific needs of different target groups

Counseling, courses and workshops are realized by a multi professional team, which speaks different languages.

You can get in contact if you search for help in a critical situation, if you want to meet other women or men to get information and support, so that you can strengthen your self esteem, your health literacy and your personal abilities. You find answers to questions all around topics like:

  • Body and soul
  • Nutrition
  • Physical exercise
  • Work and workplace issues
  • Self esteem
  • Critical life events and situations of crisis
  • Sexuality and contraception
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Becoming and being a mother/being a father
  • Education and the role as a parent
  • Partnership
  • And many more

At FEM and FEM Süd we offer you a safe space, where girls and women can meet – the same is possible for boys and men at Men’s Health Center.

The Institute for Women’s and Men’s Health has three Health Centers for all women, men, girls and boys at different places.

  • FEM (21st district)
  • FEM Süd (10th district)
  • MEN (10th district)
  • FEM Elternambulanz (16th district)
  • FEM Süd Frauenassistenz (12th district)
  • MEN Via